We have already posted about iwatch which was unvield by ADR Studios ,  iWatch 2 is second version of  iwatch concept . ADR Studios designer Antonio De Rosa has produced a line of dream gadgets for Apple’s 2012 lineup .



iCam design is really amazing and I am pretty sure that you will also love its design . The iCam functions as a DSLR 4/3 camera with a purpose crafted aluminum unibody and features a front and rear touch screen.

According to video It will work with iphone 5 and people still waiting for it !!


The iWatch 2 would connect to your Apple device over Bluetooth or WiFi. The iWatch will have 32GB of internal memory and will also come with a front-facing camera for video calling on your watch  It’ll also have a built-in RSS reader, weather forecast system and much more..

iWatch main Features

  • WiFi and Bluetooth
  • Integrated RSS Reader
  • 32GB;
  • Weather forecast system;
  • Possibility to connect with Bluetooth or WiFi to iPhone / iPad
  • LCD projector to show everywhere pictures by your iPhone / iPad
  • Frontal face camera;

iPhone SJ

iPhone sj

Totally glass capacitive screen on a polycarbonate lightweight body.
New design inspired by Steve Jobs, new core with A6 dual core processor, new camera 10 Mp .