We are now just several hours away from Apple lifting the curtain on the new iPhone 5, and finally unveiling all that it has been keeping over the past months. September 12th is the date which Apple will unveil the new iPhone 5 during its planned media event which has been scheduled for some time now.

Ahead of this unveiling, BGR has managed to obtain some images of new accessories which are going to be available for the iPhone 5 upon its release. These accessories are from iLuv, and consist of cases and screen protection for the iPhone 5.

As you can see, there is nothing amazing or particularly new or special about these iPhone 5 accessories, they look much like many of the case accessories we have already seen for the iPhone 4S and previous iPhone models, only these ones are designed to fit the iPhone 5.

One thing that you could take away from these leaked parts is that if accessory companies are creating accessories based on the leaked iPhone 5 design we have seen, then it seems more likely that this is the official iPhone 5 design.

The closer we get to the release of the iPhone 5, the more rumours seem to be popping up. One blog has managed to obtain a picture apparently showing production of the iPhone 5 packaging. The packaging raises doubts as it clearly says ‘The New iPhone’ on the box, which contradicts an image we saw recently from Apple which implies the new iPhone would be called the iPhone 5.

Still, we don’t have long to wait not until we find out for sure. 6 days and Apple will be officially unveiling the iPhone 5 and nothing will be a secret anymore.

What do you think of the new iPhone so far? Are you going to be buying one based off what you know about it thus far? Share your thoughts and comments in the comments section below.